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We believe in the art of cooking. And we believe that with a little help anybody can cook. We put our all to create the freshest and the most authentic recipes from around the world so that trying new cuisines need not remain a restaurant affair. Our food is natural with no artificial preservatives or added colour and is prepared under the intricate eye of our chefs. The products we bring to you have come a long way. They have undergone rigorous research, repeated testing and continual improvement. They still do.

38 Chefs
2657 trials
18,10,000 sold meals

Introducing Fresh Dips

Our Products

Fresh Dips

Freshen up in authentic global flavours with our summer dips.


Smooth chickpea dip infused with the unique flavours of the world

Garlic Hummus

Classic Hummus with a Lemony Garlic infusion

Beetroot Hummus

Natural sweet of Beetroot and a slight tang of Tamarind

Fresh Roasted Bell Pepper Hummus

Smokey spicy taste in a rich chickpea spread


Spiced up fruit Relishes for a summer splash party in every bite

Pineapple Relish

Juicy Pineapples with a spicy punch of Jalapeno

Kiwi Cucumber Relish

Soft kiwi and crunchy cucumber in a sweet and spicy dip

Mango Relish

Sweet Mangoes with minty and spicy flavour of Jalapeno


Experience Italian luxury with the finest herbs and Durum pasta

Alfredo - Front
Cheesy Alfredo pasta

Cheesy elegance in a rich white sauce

Creamy - Front
Creamy Tomato pasta

Creamy red sauce made with fresh tomatoes

Arrabbiata - Front
Chunky Arrabbiata pasta

Chunky tomato and red bell pepper sauce


Explore authentic Oriental aromas and hues in our new noodle boxes

Tsing Hoi
Tsing Hoi

A salty dark sauce made with garlic and soy beans

Kung Pao
Kung Pao

Noodles in a spicy sauce from Southwest China

Tangy Sichuan
Tangy Sichuan

Tangy noodles with a garlic and chilly flavour.

Know Suey
Khow Suey

Spicy creamy noodles from Burma and Northern Thailand

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